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Jaisamand Lake is the second largest artificial lake of Asia. Grab more information on Dhebar Lake of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaisamand Lake

Location: 48 kms from Udaipur
Built by: Maharana Jai Singh
Built in: 1685
Highlights: Second largest artificial lake in Asia
How to reach: One can easily reach Jaisamand Lake either by taking regular buses or by hiring taxis from the city

Jaisamand Lake UdaipurJaisamand Lake is renowned for being the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Located at a distance of 48 kms from the city of Udaipur, Jaisamand Lake is also known as Dhebar. In 1685, Maharana Jai Singh built this lake while making a dam on the Gomti River. This lake covers an area of 36sq km, stretches to the length of 14 km and width of 9 km. The lake is deep to the maximum of 102 feet and has a circumference of 30 miles.

Jaisamand Lake was the largest artificial lake in Asia, till the time when Aswan Dam of Egypt was not constructed. The dam on this lake is worth mentioning due to its massive size. It is 1202 feet in length, 116 feet in height and width of 70 feet at the bottom. The kings of Mewar were religious by nature and this is conformed by the fact that this dam has a Shiva temple. Centrally located, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Moreover, a summer palace of Udaipur Queens makes the perfect backdrop to Jaisamand Lake. The lake also boasts of six interesting cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment. On the northern shore of the lake, there is a stunning palace with a courtyard and on its southern shore; there is a pavilion of 12 pillars. From the courtyard of the palace, you can see the dazzling view of Jaisamand Lake.

In total, this lake comprises seven islands and one of the islands is still inhabited by the tribe of Bhil Minas. Out of all, the biggest island is known as 'Babaka Bhagra' and the second one is known as 'Piari'. The lake has graceful marble steps descending to the water, you can enjoy boat ride in the calm waters of Jaisamand Lake too. This lake offers a wonderful place to relax and lighten up. Another feature of Jaisamand Lake that makes it a nice place to visit is a sanctuary.

Jaisamand Lake is close to the sanctuary that serves habitat to various types of birds, panthers, leopards, deer, wild boars and crocodiles. Once, these woods used to form the hunting ground of the erstwhile rulers of Mewar. In 1957, Jaisamand Sanctuary was built to cover an area of 62sqkm. This sanctuary hails a large variety of resident and migratory birds and animals. In the present date, it has been converted into a game sanctuary.